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The embroidery of Appliqués

Embroidery instructions for pre-cut or lased appliqués:


  • All the materials which can be provided with embroidery designs

are also appropriate appliqué materials

  • e.g. fabrics, leather, plastic foiles, knitwear, flockwear, etc.
  • For better and easier processng thy can also be coated with GUDY STIC


  • High economic efficiency - saving stitches reduces the running time

of the machine

  • The risk of thread breakages on large embroidery surfaces is minimized
  • Creativity without frontiers!
  • New looks and trends can be implemented quite easily


IMPORTANT: You can leave out steps 1 to 9 when using lased appliqués

P.S.: GUDY® STIC is a self-adhesive non-woven – coated with glue on both sides. This special glue helps to fix two fabric layers temporarily to each other so that GUDY® STIC avoids distortion of fabrics when being embroidered, sewn, or patched. As the non-woven weighs only 20 g it is hardly bulky and may be left between the fabric layers without any problems. It does neither affect the wearing comfort of textiles nor their care properties.

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