Simply Glued. Bonds Like Ironed On !

Appliqué work is child’s play when using GUDY®STIC: this special film, adhesive on both sides, bonds the base fabric without ironing. It lets you produce neat embroideries without fraying edges, simply by coating your fabric with GUDY®STIC before cutting out or lasering. Just stick on the appliqué, satin-stitch around it, and it’s ready – it saves time and prevents rejects. GUDY®STIC is excellent value for money!

GUDY® STIC is a self-adhesive non-woven – coated with glue on both sides. This special glue helps to fix two fabric layers temporarily to each other so that GUDY® STIC avoids distortion of fabrics when being embroidered, sewn, or patched. As the non-woven weighs only 20 g it is hardly bulky and may be left between the fabric layers without any problems. It does neither affect the wearing comfort of textiles nor their care properties.

GUDY®STIC is an absolutely clean solution: it leaves appliqués and fabrics stainfree!

Main Applications:

  • For non-heat bonding of appliqués.

Special Backing

Double-sided self-adhesive non-woven backing 20 g/m2; identically adhesive as FILMOPLAST® STIC

Processing Recommendations:

  1. Stick GUDY®STIC on the back of your appliqué fabric.
  2. Cut out the appliqué.
  3. Peel off the protective paper and stick the appliqué’s adhesive side on the base fabric.
  4. Finish the appliqué with a satin stitch border.

Make up

Colour: white
122 cm x 25 m
40 cm x 25 m

Instructions for Use

  • Before cutting out your appliqué, apply GUDY® STIC to its back.
  • After cutting out, peel off the covering sheet and stick the appliqué on the fabric.
  • The appliqué is now fixed to the fabric and the embroidery process can be done. GUDY® STIC will not leave stains on the appliqué or the fabric.


  • Higher quality due to neat borders and edges
  • Good value – no more cutting of the appliqués
  • Better use of the appliqué fabric

Technical Information:

  • Material: Double-sided self-adhesive film, 82% viscose, 18% polyester
  • Glue: waterborne polyacrylate dispersion. Solvent-free, ageing-resistant and permanently elastic.
  • Release paper: bleached siliconized kraft paper.
  • Weight: 20g/m2
  • Colour: white

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