KK 100


Transparent spray glue (for temporary adhesion); contains no CFCs; available in spray cans (individual cans or cartons of 12 cans). KK 100 flammable, non-toxic and odorless.



As spray cans of 500 ml each

Possible applications

  • stretchy fabrics and knitware: To avoid pulling knitware out of shape, use KK 100 to attach backing and material
  • applique: KK 100 holds appliques correctly in place for embroiering
  • slippery material: KK 100 helps eliminate puckering -spray backing and attach fabric
  • unfinished garments: KK 100 holds fabrics in place - especially suitable for pockets, collars,…
  • for embroidery items which cannot or ideally should not be stretched on a frame in order to avoid pressure marks: frame STIFFY® backing, spray it and fix fabric for embroidering


It is our conviction that with the proper handling there will not be any stains, even on delicate fabrics.

If you have any problem with stains, then please pay particular attention to the following rules:

  • Maintain a distance of 25 cm
  • Use sparingly and do not spray onto the fabrics that is to be embroidered. Instead, spray onto the interfacing, that is onto the embroidery backing.

1. If stains have occured due to improper handling, then give the fabric to a dry-cleaning establishment together with the following information:


Adhesive: Vinyl acetate copolymere Solvent: Acetone Propellant (aerosol): Dimethyl ether

Solubility: In cetones (acetone), ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, in chlorine solvent (trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene), in aroma hydrocarbons (benzol, toluol)

Not soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons (benzin) and in alcohol

2. You can of course try to clean the stain yourself. You buy then one of the indicated solvent at the chemist's.

  • Put felt under the stain.
  • Soak a piece of fabric (if possible the same as the one to be embroidered) with the solvent and rub the stain out.

Should rims be visible after application, then stroke the fabric with a rag that has been impregnated with perchlorethylene once more and quickly dry using an iron. The iron should NOT be placed on the fabric, but only used as a source of heat by holding it 1/2 in. (1 cm) over the fabric.


Material Composition:
  • Adhesive: vinyl acetate-copolymer Solvent:acetone
  • Propellant (aerosol): dimethyl ether (DME)
  • Transparent and clear adhesive adhesive liquid
Acid Content:
  • None
Free Monomers:
  • To neglect
Soluble Ability:
  • In acetone, ethyl acetate, trichlorine ethylene, perchlorine ethylene

KK 100 is non-poisonous, hardly any odour, and flammable. No heath damaging vapours will occur.

KK 100 is free of CFC and, therefore, does not affect the ozone layer.

The manufacturer has meanwhile checked the adhesive for its content of formaldehyde with the result that less than 10 ppm have been found. Even the strict regulations according to the ECO-Tex Standard 100 for baby clothing only demand a value of below 20 ppm.

Thus KK100 in this respect achieves the criteria of the ECO-Tex Standard.

Use and care of KK 100 cans

  • Hold the can 8«-12» (approx. 25 cm), as upright as possible from the surface to be sprayed.
  • For proper concentration of the glue, press the nozzle down as far as possible.
  • As the can nears empty, it may be necessary to rotate the spray nozzle to finish the content of?the can.
  • Should the spray nozzle clog up, turn the can up side down and spray. If this does not unclog the spray nozzle, exchange it with the nozzle of another can (Suggestion: save nozzles from empty cans).

Spray nozzles can be cleaned by soaking in turpentine for a few minutes.

Never insert needles or similar objects into the nozzle as this may deform the spray channel, causing damages in the misting pattern.

Use glue to KK100 embroidery in the hoop, or in the border.

KK 100 Safety Data Sheet

Download (PDF, 15.98 KB)

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